Ferrari Roll Bars
Original Ferrari Style Interior Roll Bar

For:  360 Modena
        Challenge Stradale  
        F430 Coupe

Our bar is made of TIG welded 6063-T52
Aluminum with a 1.900 inch OD and a .200 inch
wall thicknesses.

The mounting flanges are .250 inch thick.

Weight is 9 lbs., the factory bar weighs 4.5 lbs.  
The approximate dimensions are 50 inches
across, 32 inches high, 7 inches in depth.

Our bar and the mounting flanges are twice the
wall thickness of the factory optional roll bar.

This bar can also be used to replace the factory
optional bar, it uses the same installation
points and methods as the USA unavailable
and expensive factory bar.

The optional factory bar and part numbers are
blocked by Ferrari to USA Ferrari dealerships.

Our bar is similar appearing to the factory bar,
our bar is slightly larger, the factory bar is
about 1 3/4 inch OD, ours is about 1 7/8 inch

The bracket kit that welds in to the car Includes
2 lower (OEM Ferrari) and 2 improved (2 Bolt)
upper brackets with a bar to bracket Grade 8
attachment bolt and washer kit.

The kit also includes a template for the rear
bench modification needed and the trim
molding for the modification.

The brackets
must be aluminum welded to the

Roll bar and bracket kit $2,199.00 USD - plus
packing and freight.

We now offer optional harness and
reinforcement bars for an additional $250.00
USD.  This has been a popular request and we
have roll bars in stock with this option ready to

If the harness and reinforcement bars option is
purchased we will include 4 harness slides to
wrap the driver and passenger harnesses at
no extra cost.  See photos at the bottom of this
page of roll bar with harness and reinforcement
bars along with harness slides.

Please specify if you want 2 inch or 3 inch wide
harness slides.  For reference the Ferrari
factory harnesses are 2 inches wide and most
aftermarket harnesses are 3 inches wide.

We recommend for
the Ferrari factory 4 point harnesses.

The bar comes in natural aluminum; you can
powder coat, paint, or pad to you liking.

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For off road use only, no warranty's or
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It is a good idea to drill several holes in our upper bracket to plug weld
it to the vehicle in addition to welding the perimeter.

You can put a self tapping bolt through one of the drilled holes as
pictured to hold the bracket in position for alignment and welding.  
Once the bracket is secure remove the bolt and weld the hole closed.

The factory rear mount bracket only uses one mounting bolt to attach
the bar to the vehicle, our rear brackets use both the holes in the rear
of the roll bar pad for attachment.
You need Java to see this applet.
Ferrari style rollbar with optional harness and
reinforcement bars
Slides for wrapping harnesses